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We want to lay out some "ground rules" that apply to a Personal License so that everything is crystal clear as to minimize any uncertainty about what is allowed and not allowed with regard to using these kits.

Please note that you cannot place any of the Licensed Assets into an End Product, whether it is Commercial or Personal.

Okay, sounds good. But what's an End Product?

An End Product is any use and/or implementation of the Licensed Asset. End Products can include, but are not limited to: a website, mobile app, Crestron app, presentation, wireframe, prototype, game, or video.

You can...
  1. Create End Products for personal projects
  2. Modify or manipulate the Licensed Asset
  3. Combine the Licensed Asset with other works and make a derivative work from it, so long as the Licensed Asset has been changed significantly enough from the original
You cannot...
  1. Place any of our assets or design files into a commercial End Product.
  2. Sell, license, sub-license or distribute and make any number of copies of the Licensed Asset
  3. Redistribute the Item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files

Grow & Co. License Agreement — Personal License

Number of Users (or Seats)
Single User (or Seat)
Commercial Use
Not Permitted
Non-Commercial (Personal) Use

This License Agreement contains important legal terms, and Licensee acknowledges that by completing the purchase process and/or checking “agree”, Licensee has read the entire License Agreement and agrees to the terms herein, including, without limitation Section 9 (Important General Legal Provisions). Grow & Co. offers different types of license agreements and the one selected at the time of purchase applies to Licensee’s use of the Licensed Asset.

This License Agreement states the terms and conditions of Licensee’s non-exclusive and limited copyright license with respect to the digital content (“Licensed Asset”) made available on by Grow & Co. and purchased by Licensee. The Licensed Asset item number will be emailed to you at the account email address Grow & Co. has on file along with a link to this License Agreement; retain this for your records. This License Agreement may also apply to digital content that Grow & Co. makes available at no charge (e.g., for promotional purposes) only if expressly indicated during the initial download for that digital content.


1.1 - This License Agreement is an agreement between:

(a) The “Licensee” who is the individual person indicated as the licensee during the purchase process


(b) Grow & Co. Design Labs, Inc. (“Grow & Co.”) as licensor.

1.2 - This is an individual license for Non-commercial use (as defined below) only, and the Licensed Asset may be used and accessed (as permitted in this License Agreement) only by a single individual person, who is the Licensee indicated at the time of purchase. If multiple individuals will work together to use the same Licensed Asset, then each individual must purchase a license for that Licensed Asset. Licensee may select multiple users (or seats) at the time of purchase only if Licensee is authorized to legally bind the other individuals who will use the Licensed Asset to this License Agreement (e.g., a child or a spouse). For use by a business, such as an employer, one of the license agreements that permits Commercial use is required.


Licensee may only upload the Licensed Asset to (i) a personal server owned and controlled by Licensee or (ii) a private cloud storage service, cloud-based design app, or digital asset manager, account controlled by Licensee, in each case for use of the Licensed Asset by Licensee only, as permitted herein.


This License Agreement permits only Non-commercial use of the Licensed Asset, as expressly specified in Section 4 (Permitted Uses and Quantity/Impression Limitations); all Commercial use is expressly prohibited.

3.1 - Commercial Use

“Commercial” use is any use: (i) that involves an exchange of money or other consideration, (ii) that promotes a business (e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership), product, or service, or (iii) where financial gain or other consideration is either sought or a result, directly or indirectly, of Licensee’s use of the Licensed Asset. If any one or more of the criteria in (i), (ii), and (iii) is met, then the use is deemed “Commercial”.

3.2 - Non-Commercial Use (Personal)

“Non-commercial” use is a use for solely personal purposes; any use that meets the definition of “Commercial use” can not be a Non-commercial use.


An “End Use” of a Licensed Asset means use of the Licensed Asset only as expressly permitted below:

4.1 - End Products for Non-Commercial Use

Physical Products for Non-Commercial Use: Licensee may create physical end products not for resale or wholesale such as, but not limited to, clothing, cards, invitations, stickers, mugs, stamps, candles, posters, signs, home decor, etc. for Non-commercial use only.

Product Packaging for Non-Commercial Use: Licensee may create physical or digital end packaging products for Non-commercial use such as, but not limited to, labels, stickers, or containers, etc. for Non-commercial use only.

Licensee may create digital end products for non-commercial use such as static designs, static website elements for Non-commercial use only.

Licensee may use the Licensed Asset in digital or print publications such as cards, invitations, photo albums, and scrap books, e-books or e-publications, that are for Non-commercial use only.

4.2 - Personal Social Media for Non-Commercial Use

Personal Social Media for Non-Commercial Use: One personal or individual social media account (not on a company or business social media page) for Non-commercial use.

4.3 - Streaming of Motion Picture and Audiovisual Content

Streaming: Streaming via internet only of motion picture and audio visual works, excluding advertisements, is permitted for Non-commercial use only.

Quantity Limitations on Streaming: No limit on lifetime viewers for Non-commercial use.

5. PROHIBITED USES (these uses may be available with a commercial license)

5.1 - End Products

All End Products for Commercial use (including, without limitation, physical products, product packaging, digital products, or digital or print publications) are prohibited.

On-Demand Applications (Such as Print-on-Demand and Create-on-Demand Services) for Commercial Use or Non-Commercial Use are prohibited. Any use that allows anyone other than the Licensee, such as an end user to customize a digital or physical end product is prohibited, whether for Commercial use or Non-commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, “print on demand”, “made to order”, or “download on demand” application.

5.2 - Social Media, Marketing, and Advertisements

Company Social Media: is prohibited for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.

Such as billboards, signage, printed advertisement, etc. are prohibited for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.

Internet advertisements such as advertisements served by Google Ads, Bings Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ad, etc. are prohibited for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.

5.3 - Broadcast and Streaming of Motion Picture and Audiovisual Content

Broadcast and Streaming: (a) Streaming for Commercial use and (b) broadcast for Commercial use or Non-commercial use by any means, including via network, cable, satellite, pay-per-view, video on demand of content including motion picture or audio visual works incorporating the Licensed Asset, including advertisements, is prohibited.

5.4 - Digital Development

As-is use of the Licensed Asset for Website Software Development, Mobile App Development, Desktop Application Development, and Video Game Development is prohibited for personal use.

5.5 - Trademark and Copyright

Trademark: Licensed Asset may not be used as part of a trademark, service mark, design mark, trade-name. In no event does this License Agreement allow Licensee to -- and Licensee shall not seek to -- register, protect, or enforce any trademark or similar rights in the Licensed Asset. Contact Grow & Co. for a custom license if these rights are desired.

Copyright: Licensee may not claim the Licensed Asset (or a modification thereof) as its own copyrighted work (the original Licensed Asset must be disclaimed in any copyright registration).

5.6 - Future Technologies

The license is limited to the expressly permitted uses stated in this License Agreement: future-existing technologies and uses are expressly reserved and not included within the scope of the license.

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