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Elegant Crestron GUI.
Custom Crestron GUI Design Project
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01 We are Grow & Co.

We design Crestron GUI, mobile app and web solutions that grow companies and foster human-technology connections.

We're a San Diego based digital Product Design lab helping startups and small companies gain the competitive advantage through strategic, holistic, emotionally resonant user experience design.



Apple Watch UI for home automation
02 What we do

We empower companies with digital products to flourish.

  • Crestron GUI Design
    Crestron is known for its powerful home automation technology, but also for its lackluster visual UI design and the absence of well thought-out user experience. We bridge the gap with modern, custom, intuitive interface and UX design for Crestron systems that integrators will be proud to show off and sell to their clients as customer-facing solutions and that homeowners will be delighted to have in their homes to interact with every single day. Give your clients a more elite option with one of our custom system GUI designs.
  • UX + UI Design
    A well-designed UI is only as good as the strategy, research and usability that goes into it. We truly pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital design, but also taking the time and care to understand the very people we're designing for throughout the process. We weave a tapestry of modern design trends combined with tried-and-true usability & user experience standards that keep our products usable, intuitive and engaging.

    We work as an R&D extension of your company to gather valuable insights about your clients and users in order to design and build an experience that is truly tailored them, their needs and your business goals. The result is happy clients using your product and more revenue, conversions and clients for your business.
  • Mobile App Design
    Whether it's an iOS or Android app, we're experts in designing incredible end-to-end mobile app experiences with modern, intuitive, usabale user interfaces. With so many companies relying on their mobile app as the lifeblood of their business and overall success, we understand the importance and necessity of user-centered design to create amazing, delightful interactive experiences that are tailored to suit the most important person of all: the end user.
  • Website Design + Development
    Looking to overhaul your marketing website to attract more customers and turn them into conversions that drive revenue? We love it. Or maybe you have a web-based platform that you're looking to design from the ground up? Okay, now you're getting us excited. No matter the specifics, we are experts in creating web design solutions that deliver tangible results.

    Our design work will turn new users into actionable acquisitons and customers for life. Not to toot our own horn, here — but we're big fans of watching conversion rates skyrocket after successful deployment of our design work.
  • User Testing & Usability Insights
    An exceptionally designed digital product is completely subjective unless there are tangible, actionable insights and data to validate it. A poorly-designed experience, visual design and/or user interface can kill your bottom line if your customers are having difficulty using your product.

    We offer user testing and usability insights & reports that validate, or discredit, design assumptions and give you a clear picture of how your users and interacting with your digital product or website. Ideally, this is done throughout the entire design process, but we also offer user testing for existing digital products that are already out in the market to help you identify any problem areas and opportunities.
Custom Crestron GUI design showing thermometer
03 Great design is great business

We create connections.

The design + business symbiosis is more important than ever before.

Design is a way of thinking and a problem-solving process that puts humans, users and customers at the epicenter of your product, service and brand. Design informs every single part of your business — it builds loyalty, engagement and trust. We understand the importance and necessity of emotional connections and we use that as the guiding foundation of every project we embark on.

04 Our work speaks for itself

Driven by design, led by strategy.

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